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Pakistan’s current population of 141 million is expected to grow to about 221 million by the years 2025. This increase in population will have direct impact on the water sector for meeting the domestic, industrial and agricultural needs. Pakistan has now essentially exhausted its available water resources and is on the verge of becoming a water deficit country
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All of our Aqua pure water products begin with ground water.The water from all of our source is tested as it comes into our plant.To ensure continued water quality from complies with all state and fedral regulations.This approach involves carefully controlled filtration montoring and testing.We screen for over 200 possible contaminants annually, even more than the FDA requires.

Faisalabad is Manchester of Pakistan.Most of the industry of Pakistan is exist in Pakistan.They used chemical which are harmful to health.The wastage of the industries is not properly dispose off.Wastage water is actually mixing with the under ground diphtheria and hepatitis's.The lLargest ratio of hepatitis pattients are the residents of Faisalabad.So, by observing the scenario of Faialabad.We haver selected Aqua Blox water.

Sheikhupura Road Ahmedabad, Faisalabad
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