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We believe that research can help us make pure water so
That people live a pure life.

  • What is there in Drink that make them so Healthy?
  • Can we have more of this Goodness &How?
  •        Why some good Tradition has strong scientific
  • Grounds?
  There is no doubt that majority of the population of the country is exposed to the hazed of drinking unsafe and polluted water. Water supply agencies not only in the surveyed cities but elsewhere in the country must ensure that the supply of water to the consumers is of safe quality particularly with respect to bacterial contamination. It is their civic duty to ensure that the water is given appropriate dose of chlorine and provided adequate contact time with maintenance of proper pH and reduction the turbidity of water to permissible limits by providing adequate filtration facilities. The basic purpose of making guidelines or standards is to provide safe drinking water to all the citizens. The world Health Organization (WHO) has provided guidelines for drinking water, which are advisory in nature, and are based on scientific research and epidemiological finding. The values of various water quality parameters recommended by WHO are the general guidelines.

Currently we are offering treated drinking water but it is Our strong believe that after one and two year achieve Our break even point and one so producing our own plant and increasing our roducts width and length. We are Benchmarking nestle and near future we will try our evel. Best to enter into global market and we will gain Maximum share of market

Aqua Blox LLC, a GSA contractor, performs two emergency drinking water functions. We manufacture and distribute Department of Homeland Security approved Aqua Blox and Aqua Literz 5-year shelf-life emergency drinking water products designed for emergency preparedness and we specialize in the 24 hour delivery of bottled water for disaster recovery.
Sheikhupura Road Ahmedabad, Faisalabad
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