Political Factors

The political arena has a huge influence upon th regulation of business of business, and a spending power of consumer and other business.

In Aqua political factor are effected some time much. Because our political setup is not so good.

We Know that our political environment not much stable for any multinanational organization and its also not easy for Aqua Blox to survive in this kind of environment where business laws and economy rates are changed by changing the govt.

  All of our Aqua pure water products begin with ground water. The water from all of our sources is tested as it comes into our plant. To ensure continued water quality from source to bottles, we further employ a comprehensive, multiple-barrier system, which complies with all state and federal regulations. This approach involves carefully controlled filtration and sinfection processes in hygienically lines, supported by continuous monitoring and testing. We test our products throughout the bottling process and in hourly tests on finished products. We perform multiple checks hourly to guarantee the quality of our water. We screen for over 200 possible contaminants annually, even Visual Scrutiny
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There is no doubt that majority of the population of the country is exposed to the hazed of drinking unsafe and polluted water. Water supply agencies not only in the surveyed cities but elsewhere in the country must ensure that the supply of water to the consumers is of safe quality particularly with respect to bacterial contamination.

The general objective of water quality monitoring program is to provide the information
On the level of pollution in the water resources of the country. It is expected that information would helps in identifying the problem areas for initiating appropriate
corrective solutions. The specific objectives of the water quality monitoring network to monitor.

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